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The 7 most commonly asked questions and answers about e-bikes

What is an electric bicycle, difference with normal bike, how to use it and what benefits gives us.

Electric bicycles aliberty max drivere not just a fashion trend. E-bikes has the potential to change urban mobility. But there are still a lot of unexpected and unknown facts. So we decided to look at seven of the most frequently asked questions and answers about them. Let’s find out some useful information.

  1. What is an electric bicycle?

Imagine a simple bicycle. Add a few elements like motor, battery and controller – elegantly integrated into the design. This actually is the electric bicycle. But so much more. The big difference comes with the feeling, driving comfort, speed and overall experience. The electric bicycle allows both normal and motor assisted riding. Motor assistance is great for climbing, trekking or simply maintaining good speed and allows you to travel further without getting tired.

Electric bikes offer a new opportunity for easy, convenient and inexpensive urban mobility. They are fast and practical. The motor is powered by a battery. One charge is enough to travel a significant distance at minimal cost. The e-bike is a good transport alternative with care to the environment and our own health.

Remember with an e-bike you get to do everything you are doing already but – further, faster and effortless.

  1. How long can I ride with one battery charge?

There is no one standard for this. It all depends on the power of the battery and the electric motor, the personal style of riding, the degree of support and peculiarities of the terrain. Normally, expect a mileage of between 60 and 120 km with a single battery charge, depending on the factors listed above. One battery charge costs about 0.10-0.15 euro and takes 2 to 4 hours to recharge.

  1. Do I need a driving license and registration for riding an e-bike?

Unlike other motorized vehicles, riding an standard electric bicycle does not require driving license, registration or mandatory insurance. It is legally treated as normal bicycle. So you can ride your e-bike anywhere you can ride your regular bike.

  1. How fast are e-bikes?

The electric system helps you reach up to 25 km/h of speed. You can always ride faster, but after 25 km/h the electric motor does not help. This type of bicycle does not need to be registered. On the market we can found models which help you reach up to 45 km/h, but they already need a bicycle registration number.

  1. Is an electric bicycle suitable for training and maintaining good health?

Some people are asking the following: “Okay, when the motor does all the work, where does the training takes place?” The answer is simple – it all depends on how much you want the motor to assist you. The uniqueness lies in the fact that everything can be set according to your mood and needs. Most people who ride an electric bicycle say they are more likely to ride on longer journeys and for longer periods of time. For these individuals, and anyone else not looking for a hard workout, the ability to switch on assisted power reduces some of the barriers that keep people away from cycling.

  1. Is it difficult to maintain an e-bike?

Maintaining an e-bike is easy as maintaining normal bike. There is no need for additional supplies like mopeds, for example. Simply charge the battery and enjoy a gentle and enjoyable ride.

  1. Why is it worth to ride an electric bicycle?

Here are some of our most commonly reviews about the benefits and opportunities that e-bikes offer:

Avoid traffic – No more waiting in traffic. You can get around quickly even compared to a car. Avoid traffic using bike routes, ride with higher speed than a normal bike.

Easy parking – The electric bicycle can be parked for free and everywhere. And it does not require much space.

No more extra efforts and unpleasant sweating – You won’t get as easily tired on your journey. Even on hot days you can reach your destination fresh and dry, and this is not something to underestimate.

Saves money– The cost for distance ratio has no equivalent. No extra fuel costs.

Helps you maintain good health – Ride for relax and fun even while traveling from home to work or vice versa.

Environment friendly – Electric bikes are six times more energy efficient than even rail transit.

It is fun! – riding an electric bike offers brand new emotions to everyone who has tried it, and the feedback is for a very fun, different and interesting experience.

If there is something extra you want to ask before you take your first e-bike, you can contact us at any time. And to convince yourself how cool it is to drive an electric bicycle, sign up for a free test ride!