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Customization options for your e-bike

Why custom made E-Bike is always better?

Sometimes, looking for a product specification, it often happens not to find exactly what we want, and that leads to certain compromises with our original intentions. To avoid such cases, we’ve decided to provide a number of customization options for your electric bicycle. It is not a secret that our e-bikes are custom made according to the requirements of our customers. And that does not mean just a simple adding or replacing of certain details, but taking into account the exact customer requirements and preferences.

You can choose from a variety of options, starting from a seat, frame, battery, color, accessories, and even more. You can assemble a configuration according to your requirements. We will take everything into consideration, and design your electric bike specially for you, also by perfectly executing it to the last detail. We are always guided by one primary rule – the customer’s desire is the most important thing for us, and our main goal is to satisfy all of your desires. Let’s take a look at some available options:

How to choose a seat?

We offer 2 types of seats – standard and wide. Wide is appropriate and more often preferred by people who are not used to cycling regularly. The standard is unisex and is convenient for long trips.

How to choose a frame?

We offer 2 frame sizes – M and L. Frame M has a seat tube height of 44 cm, 4 cm shorter than frame L – 48 cm. The choice of frame depends mainly on the height of the man. The orientation guidelines are as follows – if your height is between 160 and 175 cm, it would be more appropriate to take a size M. If it is between 170 and 185 cm, it is more likely that the frame L will be more comfortable for you. As you can see, there is an overlap between the two strides, but this is quite normal given the fact that we not take into account the specifics of your body. If you need further consultation or a  test ride, please contact us.

How to choose the battery?

The battery is an important element of the electric bicycle because guarantees the range that you can ride on a single charge. Our batteries are as follows:

36V, 370 Wh, 10.4 Ah – mileage up to 100 km

36V, 500 Wh, 13.8 Ah – range up to 140 km

36V, 620 Wh, 17.2 Ah – mileage up to 190 km

36V, 745 Wh, 20.7 Ah – up to 210 km


You have the complete freedom to choose a color from our palette:

Other accessories

We offer two components that help you take your luggage with you. You can put a small basket on the trunk so you can carry backpacks, bags and some other things. The saddlebags can fit everything you need for a day out.

Also, if you imagine something different or super specific and limited as additional option, there is no problem to discuss it with us and we’ll try to find a solution.

Of course, that’s not the whole picture. If you have any questions or concerns about electric bikes, you can always contact us online, by phone or visit us personally and test one of our models. We promise to take care of everything else. It is important for us to get what is right for you and to make you happy, because then we have achieved our goals!

Customize your E-Bike!