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Eljoy Bikes is a Bulgarian company, established in the city of Varna. They have years of experience in building electric bicycles. They are group of young dedicated e-bike enthusiasts and entrepreneurs with a passion for green culture and technology. From the very start the team followed the devotion for improving people’s quality of life. Eljoy Bikes team is here because they love bicycles, but above all else they love electric bicycles.

Eljoy Bikes began their production of e-bikes with aluminum frame, trying to add a unique identity to every piece they made. Now, they are proud of their e-bike models for the uncompromising quality, design and safety.

Eljoy bikes is a company focused on the dynamic and booming e-bike industry.

„We take our job very seriously and we are fully committed to the development of our innovative products and the servicing of our valuable customers“.

The team of Eljoy Bikes