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Hub vs Mid motor comparison. How to choose your new e-bike?

In this short article we‘ll create an insight of the different electric bike motor systems to help you determine which configuration is best for your riding needs.

Here you will find the pros and cons of each system: the rear hub motor and the mid drive motor.

Hub motors

Hub motors are electric motors that are housed inside the hub of either the front or rear wheel. There are direct drive hub motors that use the whole hub shell as the electric motor.  And there are geared hub motors that have a smaller internal motor with planetary gears that drive the hub shell (lasts are more efficient and are used in Eljoy bikes).


They are more affordable;

No additional chain wear;

There is a wide range of reliable hub motors in the range of 250w to over 1000w;


They tend to unbalance the e-bike because of the heavier weight they add to the rear wheel;

Less efficient when climbing steep slopes as they do not use the multiplier effect of the e-bike gears;

They are a little bit noisier compared to the mid drive motors;

Mid Drive Motors

In general a mid drive motor powers through the drivetrain of the bike which enables the motor to help with steep climbs and power up to high speeds on flat roads.


Mid drive systems are known for being able to climb long steep hills because they can leverage the lower gears of the bike.

These motors can also leverage the higher gears of the drivetrain to cruise along at high speeds on the flat or inclined roads.

Since the motor is at the cranks of the bike it provides for a low and centered weight distribution. If the battery is mounted in the center of the bike that further adds to great weight distribution.

Removing the front or rear wheel is easy because there are no motor wires or hardware to remove (compared to hub motors). The bike can use almost any wheel type along with quick releases front and rear.


E-bikes with mid drive motors are usually more expensive.

Since the power is being transferred through the drivetrain of the bike there can be more wear applied to the drivetrain components – chain, derailleur, etc.

To keep the mid drive motor operating efficiently you need to be shifting the gears properly for climbing hills or cruising along the flats.

In conclusion, both rear and mid drive motors have their pros and cons. If you comply your choice with your daily routine this will guarantee enjoyment when riding your new e-bike.

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