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Six recommendations to use the electric bike in winter

If you do not intend to stop cycling through the cold winter, then it has no intention of stopping cycling through the cold winter.

We prepared six recommendations on how to drive safely while you’re out (during cold winters):

1. Charge the battery at home

Lithium-ion batteries lose 30% efficiency at temperatures below freezing. Load at room temperature – so the journey will be longer!

 2. Drive carefully!

With an electric bicycle you can drive through the traffic with minimal effort. But please – do not drive at maximum speed! Ice, snow, rocks, sand …. probably unnecessary to list the possible obstacles …

3. Clean your bicycle!

Clean the salt from the frame. You can even use anti-corrosion spray. Our bikes (Eljoy) are painted with super quality powder coating and with a little help will look perfect for years!

4. Check and tighten your bicycle!

Prevention! I guess that was supposed to be the first point … If hadn’t reviewed your electric bike soon, now is the perfect time to do it. Bring it to us for a check. The bicycle will reward you with proper conduct on the road.

5. Dress warmly!

Of course, many will say. However, it is good to know that thermal underwear makes wonders. Add warm jacket that keeps from the wind. Not bad to have a hood … Many of the heat evaporates is from your head. With mask or cloth on your face you will feel just perfect. Another issue is how it will looks . And something very important – gloves. Take good gloves and you will not regret it. Use internal and external, if you have to. Hands are always the coldest part of the human body, so do not be afraid to overheat in this area.

We wish you a magical moments with your electric bicycle! There is nothing more wonderful than the feeling of freedom. With a little attention and care, you will feel independent despite the weather conditions!

Enjoy your way!


Do not stop having fun!